“Provide a safe and fun environment for all populations - assess each individual’s movement and body composition - prescribe professionally designed programming - help individuals achieve and maintain results”


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Our professional trainers will start by assessing your needs based on strengths weaknesses and desired fitness goals. Then we will then build a custom fitness routine just for you!


You will work together with your Right Fit trainers over a period of time while tracking and adjusting your routine to best maximize your results.


As time goes by you will be amazed by just how much more healthy and fit you will look and feel!

Find Your Fit!

Whether you are looking for strength training, coordination and balance, sports training,
special needs programs, elderly needs, race planning, consulting or occupational wellness, Right-Fit does it all!

  • Adult Group Cardio

    Using Myzone’s heart rate technology, C4 keeps individuals in their target heart rate zones. Training includes high volume (high repetitions), low resistance circuit training with short rest intervals.

  • Adult Strength Training

    Our trainers provide lessons and coach adults of all ages to help them achieve their goals.

  • Team Sports Training

    We coach and train kids of all skill and fitness levels to promote a lifetime of health and teamwork.

  • Special Needs Camp

    A proven fitness and wellness program for youth and adults with autism and physical and mental challenges.

  • Kids Fit and Fun

    The kids Fit and Fun program teaches kids of all ages and skill levels the importance and joy of regular physical activtiy as well as the lessons that can be learned when we leave our comfort zones.

  • Wellness Consulting

    Right-Fit also provides consultation services to parents, teachers, fitness professionals, occupational therapists and more at a variety of locations such as park districts, community centers, and fitness facilities both locally and nationwide.

Turn Goals Into Accomplishments

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